Malin Kundang Versi English

Naskah drama saya bersama kawan-kawan saat ujian speaking kelas XI SMAN Pintar. Maaf banyak kalimatnya yang agak gimana.. maklum belajar..hehehe

Once upon time, there was small family. They were Mak Eroh and her child, Malin…… Malins father was die when Malin was one month in his mother stomach. Now, Malin lives with his mother, Mak Eroh. And now Malin is one year old.

Malin               :           Oee……oee……oee….
Mother            :           Oh, My baby… What do you want ? Please, don’t cry again, Ok…
                                    I know you are hungry, but we don’t have anything.
Malin               :           Oee……oee……oee….
Mother            :           Now, you can look your mother. How poor your mother and I can’t give you anything. You must be able to be a succesman later. ( Mak Eroh go to somewhere )

Eight years later………………

Mak Eroh was cooking when Malin approached her.
Mother            :           Have you studied, Malin ?
Malin               :           No, I haven’t, mom…..
Mother            :           Why do you become lazy boy, Malin ?
Malin               :           I’m sorry, mom. I don’t want study again. I want to get money  now.
Mother            :           Malin, listen carefully. You are still weak to get money. You think get money is easy It is so hard. Now, you must study, study hard to be succes.
Malin               :           Yes, mom. (go to bedroom)

In bedroom………………

Malin               :           Boring……….
                                    Ehmm…It’s better if I played with Mulan.
Malin               :           Excuse me, mom….. May I paly with Mulan ?
Mother                        :           Yes, but don’t late to go to home.
Malin               :           Ok…..( go to Mulans home )

Malin met Mulan in the way….

Malin               :           Hey….Mulan….
Mulan              :           Hey…
Malin               :           Where are you going ?
Mulan              :           I want to go to your home.
Malin               :           Oh, same.. I want to go to your home.
( They go to Mulan home )

At home…………..
Malin and Mulan studied togethern. They were study about art. 

Malin               :           Do you know about “Paint My Love” song
Mulan          :       Yes, of course. If I not mistaken this song tell about someone “draw” love. Love is Mr.Ahmad child. And love is Miss’s  sister, Is it right ?
Malin     :    Hi……Hi…. You are false, you are wrong!! “Paint My Love” is song about……………………
Mulan              :           Are you sure ?
Malin               :           Whatever lah………
Mulan              :           Whatever you want to say.
After Malin and Mulan studied together, they played around. They always played together. They enjoyed their life together and happily.

Ten years later…….
When Malin 18 years old.

Malin               :           Mom, I finished senior high school now. I want to continue to USA.
Mother            :           Where is USA ?
Malin               :           It so far, mom…….
Mother            :           Please, do you best, Malin…….
Malin               :           Yes, mom…. Tomorrow I will go, mom…
Mother            :           How you can go to there, boy ?
Malin               :           Don’t worry, mom. I coasted by our government.
Mother            :           Good luck my child………………….

And then Malin went to USA. He studied at a popular university in USA. In the university, Malin met Angel, beautiful girl and rich women.

Malin               :           Oops, sorry … ( hit Angel )
Angel              :           I’m sorry too…
Malin               :           May I have your name ?
Angel              :           Angel, and you ?
Malin               :           Malin….
Angel              :           Do you study in this university too ?
Malin               :           You are right. How about you ?
Angel              :           I’m teaching in this university.
After the first met, Malin and Angel become more near. They always together.

One day, Malin said love to Angel in the restaurant. But Angel asked to Malin to be her husbend.

Malin               :           Angel, you are looking beautiful today.
Angel              :           Thank you.
Malin               :           I want to say something, Angel. I Love You…….
Angel              :           Really ?
Malin               :           Yes, from the deepest of my heart…
Angel              :           Malin, would you like to be my husbend ?
Malin               :           I can’t say how pleased I’m now….
Next, Malin and Angel got marry. They looked so happy.

One day Angel ask Malin to go to Indonesia.
Angel              :        My husbend, would you like to bring me to Indonesia ? I want to meet to your parents.
Malin               :        But, I don’t have parent anymore. My parent was die when I’m still baby.
Angel              :         Oh,,,but I want to visit your town…
Malin               :        Don’t worry, my wife…

Two days later, Malin and Angel went to Indonesia.
They visited Malin’s town. First, Malin met with Mulan..
Mulan              :           Malin??? Is it right Malin ?
Malin               :           Hey, who are you ? I don’t know you. Please go!
Mulan              :           I’m Mulan, your friend.
Malin               :           I don’t have friend like you. My friend like Obama.
Mulan              :           ( Cry, and she go to home )

She met with Mak Eroh and tell that Malin comeback.
After that, Malin’s mother met Malin and his wife.
Mother            :           Malin, Malin………
Malin               :           Hey, poor women!!! What are you doing here?
Mother            :           Malin, I’m your mother!!
Angel              :           Darling, is she your mother ?
Malin               :           No, Angel… I don’t know who is she….
Mother            :           Malin, It is your mother!
Malin               :           Hey, my mother was die. I don’t know you. If you want money, this is for you.
Mother             :           Malin, I’m very dissapointed with you. I hope, God make you to be a ball stone…
And the of story, Malin and his wife become a ball……….

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makasih ya mas ... aku jadi terbantu buat drama besok...

Tri Anung Anindita mengatakan...

tp mungkin banyak kesalahan dalam kalimatnya..

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